360° Assessments - Emotional Intelligence or Performance

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360-degree feedback is a method of systematically collecting opinions about the performance of a leader or manager from a wide range of co-workers. This could include peers, direct reports, the boss, and the boss's peers - along with people outside the organisation, such as clients.

360° Assessments offered by FutureShape
  • Multi-rater Performance-for-Development Assessments
  • GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Leadership Explorer Performance Assessment

The GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Our emotions influence our behaviour, our relationships with others, our decisions and our performance. Research has shown that when leaders frequently demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviour, this has a significant positive impact on performance success and work satisfaction.

The GENOS instrument for emotional intelligence measures how often the person rated demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour.

The seven Emotional Intelligence skills measured are:
  • Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness of Others
  • Emotional Expression
  • Emotional Reasoning
  • Emotional Self-Management
  • Emotional Management of Others
  • Emotional Self-Control

Purchase of the GENOS instrument from FutureShape includes a full personal report, a personal development workbook and a 90-minute de-briefing session

The CCL Suite of 360° Performance-for-Development Instruments

Multi-Rater (360°) Development Instruments from the 'Center for Creative Leadership' (USA)
  • Benchmarks
  • Executive Dimensions
  • 360° by design
  • Skillscope
  • Prospector

The benefits of collecting 360° data of this kind are that a leader gets to see a range of the perceptions of others, providing a more complete picture than reliance upon self-perception. This provides an excellent starting point for development processes that will have a measurable impact on performance.

Purchase of any of the instruments from FutureShape includes an expert debriefing and feedback session, with suggested performance enhancement strategies.

Leadership Explorer

Leadership Explorer

Leadership Explorer© is an alternative to traditional 360° assessment for performance instruments. It is a conversational and highly informative diagnostic instrument for people in leadership and management positions.

Designed and used exclusively by FutureShape, Leadership Explorer© comprises a 90-minute conversation, a written report and a 60-minute personal planning session.

Leadership Explorer© is used by leaders and managers to ascertain their strengths, determine possible development areas and create useful and appropriate plans to enhance their leadership performance.

The instrument can be used by leaders at all levels in an organisation, and is of particular use to those in transitional stages of their management career, or for those in the early stages of their leadership journey.

Leadership Explorer© gathers information and feedback about the way that colleagues respond to the communication, leadership and management behaviours of the participant.

Based on the principle that 'the meaning of communication is the response you get', Leadership Explorer© gathers information about 'perception rather than truth'.

The process, the report and the feedback coaching session all encourage the participant to make reflective choices about future action, even when they are challenged by the feedback they receive.

Leadership Explorer© can also be used in conjunction with Collegial 360° Interviewing, or one of the 360° feedback instruments offered by FutureShape, to provide an even more thorough appraisal of leadership effectiveness.

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