9 coaching questions to encourage self-evaluation

Feb 27 2017

Scaling Question

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is absolute mastery and zero is novice level, where do you think you are right now?

Reality Question

How do you know what is exceptional or simply competent in your performance?

Miracle Question

If a miracle happened and you were already the best teacher in the world, what would be different from what you are doing now?

Positive Re-Framing Question

If things were not like that, but became as you ideally want them to be, what would be different?

Deliberate 'away from' question

What is it about your work that you don’t like and how would you change if you could?

Fly on the ceiling Question (3rd position)

If you were a fly on the ceiling, watching yourself at work, what would you notice? (then use +, -, interesting)

The Transformation question.

What is it that you can't do at the moment, but if you could do it, it would transform your experience of working

Model of the world Question

If you think about the most effective and inspiring person you have ever met, how would you say they saw the world differently to you?

Intent Question

When you think about what you are most intent to achieve in your life and work, what stands out for you?