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The Art of Leadership

Because our schools are such busy places, one-to-one conversations are critical opportunities to engage staff, build cohesion and redirect energy in positive ways. However, as leaders we do not always engage with the energising potential of performance-focused conversations.

Sometimes we realise that performance conversation is a useful strategy, but never quite move it to the top of our priority list. At other times we are discouraged by the possible confrontation and disagreement that lurk in the shadows of these conversations. The result is that appreciative enquiry is neglected; challenging conversation is avoided; meaningful feedback is not strategically delivered; and opportunities for enhanced alignment and greater acceptance of responsibility are missed.

This two-day workshop will assist leaders, at all levels, to approach critical workplace conversations with confidence, and to use these conversations to achieve productive and energising outcomes.

This workshop is experiential. It offers an intense experience in skill-building and interaction. As a result, participants will not only learn about the skills, they will also practise and gain proficiency in them. Participants should be prepared for total engagement and lots of practice as they develop a suite of sophisticated interviewing and conversational meeting skills.

At the conclusion of this practical program, participants will be able to approach workplace conversations and interventions with confidence. They will develop or enhance the skills to:

  • Energise their staff through appreciative questioning and solution-focused coaching.
  • Use conversations as a deliberate strategy for leading with purpose and creating alignment.
  • Give and receive productive feedback.
  • Empower others to take responsibility in difficult situations.
  • Transform negative thinking to positive intent.
  • Use solution-focused approaches in complex situations.
  • Confidently manage confrontation in a composed and assured manner.

Featuring Appreciative Questioning and Solution-Focused Coaching


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