Resilient Leadership Rob Stones

The Art of Leadership

This workshop draws on elements of internal control psychology and neuroscience to provide a solid foundation for resilience in the workplace.

Drawing on the research and writing of Dr William Glasser, Dr Paul Stoltz, Dr Martin Seligman and Daniel Goleman, this program not only describes resilient performance but shows participants how to achieve it.

Beginning with the essentials of self-knowledge and self-control, the workshop explores the other key dimensions of personal and professional resilience:
  • Capacity for influence
  • Acceptance of Responsibility
  • Long-term perspective
  • Emotional astuteness
  • Personal and Professional Optimism
The program is experiential and will assist participants to:
  • Understand the nature of resilience
  • Identify their own areas of vulnerability
  • Adopt new cognitive processes for managing challenge and change
  • Deal confidently with conflict and challenges


Consulting with Rob Stones:

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