Performance Feed Forward ® Rob Stones

The Art of Leadership

An innovative and effective approach to Performance Management and the Annual Performance Review.
What difference would it make to your organization if your Performance Management Process:
  • Improved relationships between supervisor and staff member?
  • Actually improved both future performance and capability?
  • Made a positive impact on the culture of your organization?

Performance Feed Forward ® can change the way your staff think about their annual performance review and help you create a learning culture in your organization.

Developed from contemporary research in neuro-science and psychology, the Performance Feed-Forward ® process has been developed from evidence about:

  • How the brain works.
  • What inhibits learning in a conventional feedback interview.
  • The motivational factors that encourage people to change.
  • The kinds of questions that will encourage personal change.
The Performance Feed-Forward ® process:
  • Includes a structured reflective process that will enhance future performance.
  • Provides the staff member with a process for focused self-evaluation.
  • Enhances the trust and understanding between supervisor and staff member.
Performance Feed Forward

Training is provided in:
  • The style of questioning to be used by the supervisor in order to achieve optimum results.
  • The preparation and arrangements required for the process.

Performance Feed-Forward ® can be tailored to the leadership context of all organisations and businesses.

Performance Feed-Forward ® was developed in 2013 by Rob Stones of FutureShape Consulting and Judy Hatswell of Judy Hatswell and Associates, from a presentation by Susan Mayes (2000).


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