The Leader Mind Equation

Minding The Gap

Choosing to Thrive in an Uncertain World

The Leader Mind Equation

The Leader Mind Equation

If you want to become an even more effective leader this book is for you – because this book is about you!

The TAO Of Team In Practice

The Tao of Team in Practice

If you know that your school will thrive and prosper from the impact of highly effective teams, ‘The Tao of Team in Practice’is for you.

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What is the Leader-Mind Equation?

Feb 02 2021

The Leader-Mind Equation is a simple formula intended to help those with leadership responsibility to focus on what matters in leadership.

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The importance of re-inventing your leadership

Jan 29 2021

The breaks offered by the Christmas and New Year holidays provide rare moments of respite in a busy life: a brief period of reflective opportunity to refresh your own spirit; to gather yourself before plunging back into the kaleidoscopic frenzy of a complex working environment.

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