Creating a Great Leadership Team Rob Stones

The Art of Leadership

This one-day workshop is most effective when conducted with the whole team present. As a starting point, participants use appreciative inquiry and group discussion to explores current team practices. They then examine the ways in which the team can modify their personal and collective behaviours to adopt the practices of highly effective teams.

Drawing on the research and writing of Ruth Wageman, Warren Bennis and Patrick Lencioni, the team will examine and discuss every aspect of team activity and function, including effective meetings, team problem solving and strategies to drive successful outcomes in the future.

The workshop is enhanced by the use of the MBTI, which enables participants to understand the effect of their own personality preferences on the team. Through a number of experiential activities, participants come to understand and appreciate the behaviours that those with different preferences and styles bring to the team.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have:
  • High levels of understanding of team performance and team effectiveness.
  • Increased clarity about their own role in the team and distinctive contribution to the team;
  • Learned how to get the best outcomes from their work colleagues and from themselves.
  • Opened effective channels for communication and creativity within the team.
  • Ensured that the team has a common purpose to which they are all committed.

Note that although this workshop is most effective when conducted with the team concerned, it can also be modified slightly to be beneficial to a group of leaders who have team leadership roles.


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