Leaders Toolkit Rob Stones

The Art of Leadership

This very practical workshop introduces both aspiring and established leaders to a toolkit of strategies for leadership effectiveness.
Using the model that is illustrated below, the workshop begins with strategies for the management of self and works through a series of practices for:

  • Influencing others
  • Leading Teams
  • Developing Vision and Strategic Intelligence
Leaders Toolkit

Specific Skills and Practices, as well as unique intellectual property include:

  • Confident Conversations using the 'Positive Outcome Process'.
  • Giving Feedback and 'Feed-forward'.
  • 'Flipping' and 'Spiralling' as coaching skills.
  • Reflection and mindfulness practices.
  • Self-evaluation processes.
  • Visioning exercises.
  • Experiencing the power of story.
  • Using the 'Meta-mirror'.
  • Strategic process applied to own school.
  • Peer reflection, networking and supervision.
  • Team management experiences.
  • 'The Window of Safety'.
  • 'Circles of Influence'.
  • 'The Rational Change Model'.
  • The 'ACTS' model.
  • Self-Evaluation Question Set.

The length and specific content of the workshop will be defined by negotiation between Rob and the school, but one full day is the minimum program time.


Consulting with Rob Stones:

  • Rob 0438 174 487