Great Conference Opportunity

Jun 6 2017

This year's William Glasser Institute (Australia) Conference offers an unrepeatable opportunity to hear and converse with two exceptional International presenters.

Edward Deci is probably the world's leading authority on motivation and engagement. His work on Self-Determination Theory is compatible with Choice Theory and extends and illuminates many lead management concepts. His work draws on many years of research and provides validation for many of the Leadership principles promoted by the William Glasser Institute.

Juan Pablo Aljure is a Columbian educator and leader who founded and runs the Rochester School in Colombia.  The school and its practices are all based on the principles of Internal Control Psychology. Juan Pablo has been inspired by, and worked with, international luminaries such as Stephen Covey, Peter Senge and W.Edwards Deming.

Edward Deci's keynote will focus on motivation and engagement at work and the importance of the needs for autonomy, achievement and relationships to work commitment.  This keynote address will be followed by an in-depth presentation based on the audience's questions and comments. Ed will also offer an open conversation session in which he will talk with and answer informal questions from participants.

Juan Pablo's keynote address will be on 'Systems Leadership'. He will also present workshops on 'Choice theory and Pedagogy' and on 'Systems Leadership Activities'.

The Conference, held in the September School Holidays will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Newcastle will commence with a cocktail event on Thursday evening, 28th September and will close in the afternoon of Saturday 30th September.

To register go to and select 'conference'.